I had a request to post the seasonal decor that I use in my entryway. I have three square 12 x 12 frames that I purchased from my favorite store,  Target.  I change them for each season (or month if I am ambitious). It adds a little whimsy, color, sentiment and celebration to our home. Here are the graphics for November, December and Valentine’s Day.

November/Thanksgivinggratefulhappy thanksgiving



I print the December/Christmas print three times. It says:




February/Valentine’s Day

Valentine I

valentine lovevalentine youHere are the printables!

Happy seasonal decorating! Don’t forget to share your favorite printables to Pinterest. I love seeing how you use my designs – share them on instagram @mystircrazylife or Facebook @mystircrazylife and tag me in the post…follow me too! Share the love friends. Can’t wait to see your pics! Much love to all.

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